There’s nothing in the world like PhytoPower. No other product or system in existence features a more potent blend of prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, digestive enzymes, and fruits and vegetables of varying colors.

PhytoPower was designed and crafted to harness the power of nature to create and cultivate the perfect gut microbiome environment, and caring for the gut is the ultimate step to whole-body health and wellness.

Targeted Probiotics for Immune System Support

Our immune systems battle infection, defend our bodies against viruses, and protect us against unseen threats every day. And since 80% of the body’s immune system cells are found in the gut, the best immune system defense starts in the microbiome.

PhytoPower I is a daily beverage supplement designed to build and strengthen immune system defenses through the deft use of targeted probiotics and proven impact ingredients packed with beneficial phytonutrients.

Targeted Probiotics for Thermogenic Fat Burning

Promoting and maintaining proper gut health is vital to any effort to lose weight and burn excess fat.

PhytoPower T is a unique and groundbreaking thermogenic beverage supplement designed to help the body burn excess fat through targeted microbiome support. PhytoPower T has been engineered with LoveBiome’s innovative synbiotic method, which combines specialized Targeted Probiotics with a carefully selected prebiotic blend.


Nothing disrupts the balance of the gut microbiome more than sugar. Sugar interferes with good bacteria function and population. Sugar feeds bad bacteria that competes with friendly bacteria for food.

What happens when bad bacteria take over your gut microbiome? You get a gut that’s out of balance, lacking proper biotic diversity, and lacking key beneficial biotic strains.

Use PhytoPower B every day to block carbs and sugar and pave the way to a healthy, diverse, balanced, and optimally functioning gut microbiome.*


The most important connection in the human body is the gut-brain connection. This connection is critical for proper stress management, restful sleep, and peaceful calm.

PhytoPower C deploys 10 billion CFUs in three different strains— Lactobacillus Casei, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, and Bifidobacterium Breve—into the gut with every serving. These targeted probiotics were chosen specifically for their unique abilities to work inside the gut to reinforce the gut-brain connection. PhytoPower C promotes calm, helps the body relax and fall asleep, and boosts the body’s natural stress-management systems.

A healthy, balanced gut microbiome is the beginning and most important factor in managing stress and obtaining a restful sleep.+


The center of energy production is the gut microbiome. A diverse biotic community in the gut creates the perfect environment for creating and harvesting energy. PhytoPower E is an energy creation and harvesting formula.

PhytoPower E deploys 15 billion CFUs of targeted probiotics in three specific strains—Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, and Bifidobacterium Infantis—to facilitate efficient and sustainable energy harvesting and production in the body.

Daily consumption of PhytoPower E will ensure your body has everything it needs for optimal energy production and harvesting.*


PhytoPower W delivers the most powerful combination of targeted probiotics and a unique blend of prebiotic soluble fiber that feeds friendly bacteria. This process creates postbiotics that deliver key weight-management benefits. This is the LoveBiome visionary approach to weight management, centered on microbiome health.

PhytoPower W deploys 10 billion CFUs of lactobacillus gasseri—a targeted probiotic designed to maintain the healthy function of your body’s weight-management system. These unique probiotics diversify the gut microbiome, feed on the prebiotic soluble fiber blend, and assist in the production of helpful postbiotic compounds like short-chain fatty acids.