Simplicity Creates Velocity; Velocity Creates Income. (Part 2)

Train your mind to think in the most simple and elegant way. LoveBiome is perfectly simple. We created this company to eliminate all complications, all smoke and all mirrors.

This is the second of three messages dedicated to the elegant simplicity of LoveBiome. You know we believe in simplicity. There is power in simplicity because simplicity creates movement, momentum and velocity. Confusion and complexity are the enemies of business success.

The first message celebrated the power of 1, by introducing you to our one simple but powerful message that will revolutionize the way everyone thinks about their health and longevity.

This message will celebrate the simplicity of 2—specifically how the number two applies to our qualification structure.

2 refers to the only two things you need to focus on from title to title as you grow your business:

  1. Packs
  2. Legs


Packs refers, of course, to Daily 3 packs. Our daily nutritional regimen to balance, nourish and strengthen the gut microbiome. This is a comprehensive, all-inclusive system that addresses the most crucial component of optimal health.

Daily 3 consists of two liquid dietary beverages and one phytonutrient powder that mixes with water or any liquid. Our regimen consists of 96 unique ingredients, each hand-selected to complement each other. Daily 3 provides unique pre-biotics, pro-biotics, enzymes, polyphenols and an entire color array of phytonutrients. The Daily 3 System takes just 2-3 minutes each day to consume.

Most people have never considered the profound impact of their microbiomes have on every system and cell of their body. As people become aware, the pure logic of the Daily 3 System is unmistakable. There is ONE THING you can do every day to achieve optimal health.

Knowledge is power, and we have found that the more everyone knows about the importance of their microbiome health, the more they appreciate Daily 3. The process of helping everyone begin to understand the power of doing one thing every day is the momentum of LoveBiome.


Legs refers simply to the businesses you help begin as you enroll new members in your team. Each time you personally enroll a new member, a new leg begins. To reach the Leader position, you will need three growing legs. To reach the maximum level of rewards in our plan, Elite Performer, you will need five well-built and active legs.

Packs and legs. From Member to Elite Performer, it is all we ask you to focus on. Customers and Builders. Every position from Member to Elite Performer simply requires packs (Customers) and legs (Builders).

Qualification for the Leadership Bonus and Dynamic Compression Bonus require packs and legs.

This simplicity allows you to unify your team with a singular focus. It doesn’t matter if you just enrolled a brand new member, or you are working with a partner who is working toward Leader; everyone speaks the same language, and focuses on the same two words: packs and legs.

The elegant simplicity will help you accelerate your business.

Don’t overthink this. One message, two things to focus on to open the entire reward structure.

One number is left: 3. Stay tuned!

Remember, nothing motivates like success.


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